Wednesday, December 5, 2012

disposible fortune

for all the money you bring into your life most of it will go up in smoke. there is no possible way for you to save more than 80% of your income. unless you are independently wealthy. but when you look back at where your money has gone and what it has been spent on you can justify most of it and the rest is to make you happy long enough to not commit suicide in this harsh life. but i want to focus on the justified portion, namely clothing. it is customary for you to be clothed and not wander the streets naked. one for social reasons as we as humans developed shame. second is for survival, we don't want the whole world catching a cold in the rain and bringing the human race to extinction. i just want to get a better understanding on the idea that you must virtually replace your entire wardrobe every season. yes things get old and you need to not wear torn cloths. however the amount of shirts that most people say they can not wear and often times refuse to donate is ridiculous. then you have shoe collections, a hobby to some a financial move for others. because the shoes you buy and never get to wear go up in value somehow. but how much money have some people including my self spent on filling a closet. for some reason it is weird for us to see our closets with empty space. it should not be that way. you will spend, you will shop, you will buy more than you need. just ask your self why, its to give your self personal growth.