Wednesday, November 7, 2012

my president is..... and now i know how to rule the world

the 44th president kept his job and that is besides the point of why i am mentioning it. i have looked and learned many things not just from his two elections but from all the little things they have shown and said surrounding his life. you have to truly start from the bottom sometimes to get anywhere in life. family and money bring all kids of advantages that no one would ever willingly give up but because people expect an advantage they are never willing to start at the bottom. most people don't know that almost everything they do they are actually on the bottom rung of that en-devour, you are an amateur, inexperienced, of just out of your league. i want to rule the world and i better start by seeping a factory floor. that was the one thing my parents put into my mind as being the worst ending in life for an adult, they sacred me to death of being this kind of failure and to this day sweeping my own floor is a challenge. a real emotional thing, i ask my self why am i not rich enough to pay someone to do this so i can play playstation. reality hits me again and i realize that i haven't put in the hard work and made a plan to get to a point where i can actually do that. i need to learn so much to be able to climb past all the other well qualified competition and the cutthroat chess geniuses that i encounter in life. i need to start from step one and make all the right and wrong moves to get to step 1000 the finish line. because one i have to make mistakes because perfection is a whole nother life long mission and two this is not a 12 step program but something i have to commit eight out of ten of my waking breaths to, i need time to sleep have sex and build my life and family besides trying to rule the world. but the bottom is where i start and the the truth about the bottom is you only stay there as long as you are willing to. there are people making a life from themselves and when you ask them where they came from they tell you a blood soaked town in the middle of nowhere that people died from not getting any food or eating stuff you didn't know fire could transform past what it actual was. that person is not there anymore the how is an interesting story but the fact that he got a few levels past that mean you need to shut up and reach above you for the next rung on your ladder to what ever it is you are trying to do

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