Tuesday, November 6, 2012

the little bit i truely know

so no one may ever see, hear, or know about this tiny corner of the internet that is the extension of my mind. i want to just put some thoughts and points of views out in the world mostly for myself to look back and say "i thought like that once". this will be me talking out loud, i will back everything i say until i choose not to back what i say. if i look back and change my mind its my option and its called evolution but i don't expect to be a controversial voice but i know i may think and write something someone might ask why. they say the internet is a tool for the voiceless and that their are a lot of faceless people just saying what ever they want just because they can, i don't want to be a faceless person i want to be a colorful mind.

fuck editing i am a nobody, but i dont want to sound an look like a 12 year old who can only talk in text shorcuts and never learned to use the spell check buton that comes standard with all technology.

i got to much to think about to say anything more because it would all be pointless so wait for it to be properly laid out in the short term future

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