Thursday, November 8, 2012

people use to be smart

watch jeopardy and feel stupid! people use to be that smart on a daily basis, you could ask anyone anything and most of them knew it. google has made that possible but only on an on-demand basis leaving everyone looking like they are texting instead getting smart. but how do you get to just know this stuff and remember it when people ask you about them? i truly don't know the only thing i can recommend is to read something anything everything. you have to actually put your self in a situation where encounter information. if you have a child and you ever tell them to read a book you are in effect showing the kid how stupid you are and telling them that you are ignorant to who they are as a person and you have no understanding of anything tat goes on within their minds. you don't ever give a kid who has no interest in a book a book, you are competing against tv, cable, the internet, video games, smartphones, and tablets. yes each of those is separate form of competition to a book and each uses very little to no words. they are all used for entertainment and would be very low on the information list. you could learn the secrets of the world from any of those devices but no one wants to but i cant dismiss them some people learn a lot of things from them just by not even trying and from the very mind numbing things that you think i am talking about. then again where does someone learn about the answers to jeopardy questions if not an obscure cable show he heard about on twitter.

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