Tuesday, November 27, 2012

your life has been divided and conqured

that statement is an old quote i cam up with a few years back. i was trying to come up with a life changing quote once a day, then twitter cam out and i didn't join and now i wonder if any of my quotes would have held any weight. but the comment is based on the brilliant military strategy of julius ceser, in a nut shell you cause your enemy to be spread thin and unable to properly act against you. so in life in at least america in the modern age there is so much available to you that you can do it all but you can not do it all at once, and that is where people fall victim to the trap. conspiracy theorist will tell you all about the possible makers of these traps and some will tell you there is no such trap. i look at it from a step back where i see the pictures of some one on their couch plating on a laptop a tablet and a cell phone, no doubt with a tv on. that is at least three solid different thing to do at the same time, and each of those avenues has numerous possibilities with in them selves to have you caught in a whirlwind of thought and action. in that one case the trap has taken the one thing you forget they told you to do when you where little, focus. not all traps are against your focus but they are against one of the many things that you need to conquer life. in this one example someone somewhere will tell me that i just don't understand multitasking. i do understand multi tasking i have worked in an office handling three problems via phone email and a coworker standing over me with in a ten minute time crunch. multitasking is a great tool, so shy do you have to multitask even when you are on your couch enjoying yourself. a picture is a picture and i have no point of reference for what was really going on in that particular situation. i just want to let you know that i noticed that within myself i crave constant stimulation where like that person in the picture i would want to have a tv on while i played video games to the soundtrack i custom designed on my home stereo, all while having a good conversation with a friend. why is that what i want how can i truly enjoy all of that at once, their may have been a time when i would have. now i look at that as a incomplete effort at any of those activities.  i want to focus and be satisfied by the one activity i am partaking in i want to not feel bad that i am not doing something that i am not doing. if all my energy is gathered and aimed at doing one thing then i know i can do it and not be a person that says they wanted to do a certain thing. to put this in another light how many different things are you paying for on a daily weekly or monthly basis how would it be different if you could just pay one of those things at a time until it was done and then moved on to the next one till each are complete. its a recession so you might not be running up several different credit card bills but imagine just focusing on one at a time unlike the current payment method you are using. now tell me if your money is not being divided conquered and taken away from you?

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